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    looking for serious advice for june as a ordinary level student that failed the mocks John smith234

    As the title says i failed maths ordinary level in the mocks, i got 20%. But i was not alone roughly only 10% of the ordinary students in my school passed the exam. I would consider myself intelligent in all other subjects as i do all higher level subjects except maths and perform adequately in each of them. However maths is clearly a weak spot and it is crucial for me to get into college. Foundation is not an option as that is just insulting to me and my maths teacher is very incompetent as only 3 or 4 people passed in my class out of 20+. I need serious advice on how to succeed in maths, i find it very difficult to study maths as im not sure where to start and what to do to get better as i have been getting poor grades in maths consistenly.

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      im in the same position im getting maths grinds for 8 weeks up to the leaving i also bought revise wish maths which does help as the book is to over whelming to study from i also use past exam papers if any of that helps

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      What I do is use the Exam Papers book and do some questions in pencil and look at the marking scheme afterwards to see if I am right or wrong. I also do ordinary maths and I struggle so I feel your pain.

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      your fucked mate!!!

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      Well, exam papers would be the best thing to do. Idk what maths book you use but questions in the book tend to be quite different from exam questions. You could get maths grinds, if you're that worried about it and if you're only getting 20%, then that would be a good idea.

      Try to learn the topics you find challenging. You're not gonna be getting any better if you just keep answering questions to topics you already know

      Sorry I can't give any better advice. The main thing is just practice, not much more you can do

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      study all the equations and also study Calculus this is very important always comes up as an full question i hope that helped

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      You have a few things that you need to do. You are not alone in the fact that there are many students who have failed the mock. A student I helped last year went from 14% to a D2 in OL Leaving cert. This was due to hard work and constant practice even on questions he done before. They are trying to make papers less predictive but there are a number of questions you MUST look over. For example if you are just aiming for the pass you obviously don't need to focus on the whole course.

      Paper 1

      Algebra: Make sure you can

      - Solve equations with brackets

      - Expand brackets

      - Solve inequalities (pretty much same thing as solving equations)

      - Simultaneous equations

      - MUST be confident in solving quadratic equations (Recognise them and use the quadratic formula) these come up in numerous parts of questions all the time. Get to the stage when you see a solve it!!

      Complex numbers: Asked every year,

      - Be able to plot them, add, subtract, multiply and divide (using a conjugate). Once you can do this, learn what the modulus means e.g. |z1| and how to find it.

      Sequences and Series

      - Find nth term - Tn of an arithmetic and quadratic sequence

      - Find a term in the sequence using nth term

      - Find if a term is in the sequence

      - Finding the sum of terms in a sequence

      - Past paper questions are very repetitive here


      - Currency conversions

      - Writing numbers in standard form

      - Compound interest

      - Direct proportion


      - First part is always sub in to the formula given in the question usually surrounded by loads of writing

      - Learn to differentiate

      - If it mentions turning points/ max/ min you have to differentiate straight away and let your answer = 0

      then solve it the equation you have. It may be a normal linear equation or it might be a quadratic...back to what I mentioned earlier, quadratics appearing again.

      - That phrase that says find the slope of the tangent to the curve at x = 5 for example...basically it means differentiate the formula, put the number 5 in everywhere you see x and that is your answer.

      Paper 2

      Probability questions on past papers...learn these off

      Coordinate geometry

      - MUST be able to find the slope of a line

      - MUST be able to find equation of a line

      - Find the slope of a perpendicular line

      - Use it to find the equation of a perpendicular line

      -MUST be able to find are of a triangle using the 3 points (asked so often)

      Co-ordinate geometry of the circle

      - Can be difficult so look at the basics here and pick up some marks

      - Find equation of a simple circle when given the centre point and radius

      - Find radius (distance formula)


      - Right angle triangles - Find out the difference between using Pythagoras and standard trig using sin/cos/tan

      - How to spot whether to use sin rule or cos rule


      -Stem and leaf diagrams

      - Standard deviation using your calculator

      - Correlations

      I've wrote quite a bit there, but you have loads of time before the exam if you are serious about studying for it. I mentioned 10 topics. Some of them will be quicker to revise than others. Take them topic at a time. There might be others you prefer like area and volume, it can come up on either paper and generally involves using a formula from you tables booklet and just substitute numbers in. remember if you are looking for a pass its not the whole course you need to cover!!

      Use YouTube and videos on the Internet there are loads of examples of each topic available. Ask a teacher for solutions to some of the papers if you have no idea where to start but videos online can be so helpful. You can get through two or three of those topics in a week or two. Just keep going over what you’ve done even when you know it, its all about being familiar!!

      I know some of the above may sound confusing but use the points to search online or ask about the vocab if you are not sure of what some of it means!!

      The marking scheme generally changes to help students pick up marks so don't leave anything blank. If it says use an answer from a previous part and you didn't get an answer from a previous part, make one up and continue with the question you may still pick up marks!!!

      Yeah fair play if you read through all of it, can’t believe I wrote that much but the very best of luck!!!

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      John smith234

      thank you very much shane,i bought less stress more success books for both papers as they will condense the course into what i really need to know,ill make sure that i know the list that you have given me which of course will take time. Im not necessarily looking for a pass but a c3 as many courses require 55% and above. The student you mentioned is inspiring as obviously he put in work to go from almost a low F to a D2.

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      Guys which is easier the examcraft or deb ??

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      i think exam craft because all the exams i got from debs where horrible and extremely hard

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      Does anyone have the mock papers?? If you do could you email them to me please and thanks

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      If anyone has the DEB OL maths exam, or any for that matter could you please send them to me

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      Try! They cost but honestly they're a lifesaver when it comes to slow and easy to understand explanations. It's broken down into so many steps and they work through exam questions, there's even a forum where you can post questions if you can't do a question and they'll be answered by the people who run the site

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