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Marking scheme
Patrick_4410 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 08/06/16 4

How does the marking work. If u answer a question twice-once in designated space and another on rough work page and get two different answers and don't mark an x through the wrong one, do you still get full marks

caylump2 — 30/05/16
Unless you make the answer you choose obvious then you most likely won't get the marks for the question
Nmur98 — 02/06/16
They have to correct the right one, can do it 2 or 3 ways and if one of them is correct you get the marks, although that'd be v time consuming
Patrick_4410 — 08/06/16
So you can do it any amount of ways and not put an x through wrong answer and still get full marks
Nmur98 — 08/06/16
Yes, once you show it as separate workings. They won't allow it in the case of a question that states is this true or false though
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