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Marking scheme/ Answers HL
Lc8/6/16 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 12/06/16 6

Is there anywhere on the internet that have the answer to paper 1 up already?

njhoran — 12/06/16
No they only come out after the results because they have to decide on the bell curve or whatever it's called
Lc8/6/16 — 12/06/16
Oh ya I know that's for the SEC website but I thought there might be some maths fella would throw up the answers online somewhere
michaelkearns — 12/06/16
go to leavingcertpredictons they have answers up
Lc8/6/16 — 12/06/16
Could you send the link on...I can't find it �� michaelkearns
abbiethoma — 12/06/16
Lc8/6/16 — 12/06/16
Thanks a million ☺️☺️
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