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Maths Paper 1 HL
KateFinnegan Leaving Cert Mathematics — 09/06/16 17

Do I need to know any thermos, constructions, proofs or how to derive formulas for paper one?

Eimear_1763 — 09/06/16
Know proof by contradiction for root 2 or root 3, de moivres theorem yoke (think it's a derive one?), the ammortisation formula proof and the sum to infinity proof I think that's it ?
Muddy234 — 09/06/16
No, might have to derive formulas but no proofs theorems or constructions on paper one.
Eimear_1763 — 09/06/16
Oh and know how to construct a line of length root 2 units and root 3 units
Joecronin97 — 09/06/16
barry chambers — 09/06/16
@Muddy234 How do you know this????
exam — 09/06/16
What the hell is the amortisation proof?
Lilywhite98 — 09/06/16
How do you prove sum to infinity and ammortilisation?
Rachael5 — 09/06/16
how do you construct the line of root 2?
Eimear_1763 — 09/06/16
I have notes I can send if ye want ? They might not be the best but at least they are something?
Rachael5 — 09/06/16
the sum to infinity and ammortisation are in the tables its fine
Rachael5 — 09/06/16
oh yes please can you send to rachaelfl1075@gmail.com
Catherine_H98 — 09/06/16
Please send them too catherinehallinan98@hotmail.com
Alex000 — 09/06/16
Me too please!: alexmurphy1010@gmail.com Thanks :)
aimer — 09/06/16
Could you please send me the proof of the sum to infinity! We never did that!:((( aimcro12@gmail.com thanks in advance
Patrick_4410 — 09/06/16
McCready1802 — 09/06/16
Send me the proofs too please! Emma.1802@hotmail.com
Santa_7212 — 09/06/16
Please send them over too Emma ! Youd be a star ! santab8421@email.com
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