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    Maths Question Confusion?? MrDarcyAndMe

    This question may seem incredibly simple but it has me totally confused!

    Q. When a six-sided die is thrown once, what is the probability of getting one of all the possible outcomes?

    On the one hand, the answer is 1, because you are certain to get a number between 1 and 6. Like, you are definitely not going to get an 8.

    BUT, on the other hand, the answer is 1/6, because that's the probability of getting ONE of all possible outcomes. Both answers make sense! But which is the right one??

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      The second one.. The first one is wrong cos they are asking for the PROBABILITY..

      E.g What are Is the probability in getting Heads when flipping a coin. Ans: Its 50:50 (1/2) Saying one isnt answering the question..

      If you throw a dice will u get a 1....Yes, but its not likely You could get a 5 for an example. So therefore you have a 1 in 6 chance in getting a one.....

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      Roberto Mane

      You're 100% going to get one of the possible outcomes therefore the answer is 1.Because the question doesn't specify which outcome 1/6 isn't correct.It would had it said what is the possibility of getting an outcome of say 2 from a six-sided die, thrown once.

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      Roberto Mane

      On second thought I have a feeling that's lots more complex than meets the eye.

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      Thank you both for the replies, but I'm still no closer to getting an answer!

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      its 1/6 because there are 6 sides and there is an equal chance. But 1 means a full chance or 100percent 1/5 means 20 percent

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      its 1/6

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