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New Videos Today: Trigonometry
Patrickmaye Leaving Cert Mathematics — 18/05/16 1

Just in case you didn't see it in the other thread. Six new videos uploaded today, all on trigonometry. There is a mix of basic 1st/2nd year stuff up to a LCHL word problem. Check them out and don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube to get all the updates. Naming sides of a right angle triangle and introduction to sin, cos and tan: https://youtu.be/KjltLWykwsw How to calculate the sin, cos and tan of an angle: https://youtu.be/HVi5BSi4ogQ How to calculate an angle using sin, cos and tan: https://youtu.be/bOKiXhO-0VA How to calculate a side using sin, cos and tan: https://youtu.be/rO9ZElzMB8o Word problem, how far is the boat from the cliff: https://youtu.be/-5hp60W1JiY Word problem, how high is the building with a wall blocking the building (two triangles needed): https://youtu.be/mU0248okfYg

christinabarron — 18/05/16
Could you do a few on logs or defrenciation and integration maybe for hl ?
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