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OL maths
Dara conway Leaving Cert Mathematics — 02/06/16 4

can someone pls give me an idea on what to start studing for maths.. no idea where to start

Rachel_8010 — 01/06/16
Paper 1 is easier just go through exam papers and you'll notice the same things generally come up. Complex Numbers, Functions (graph), Terms and Sequences etc. For paper 2 know those theorems inside out. The only way to learn maths really is to constantly do questions.
Rachel_8010 — 01/06/16
Best of luck hope that helped
Ross_4845 — 01/06/16
What theroms?
Gracie-1997 — 02/06/16
hey Dara, i think by studying maths more and not sunbathing could really help lol
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