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    Ordinary Level Paper 2 help!! Aingealxxx

    I have my paper two mock on Monday. What chapters come up in paper two? What should I prepare for. I'm so bad at math and have to pass this. Please.

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      Co-ordinate geometry:The Circle, Length, Area and Volume, Probability(Bernoulli Trials and Relative Frequency) and Statistics(Empirical Rule and Tree Diagram). That is what came up on my mock paper, if that's any help?! :)

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      Thank you , I'll try focus on those sections .:)!

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      Best of luck :)

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      Thank you once again <3!

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      This is an excellent question, and not as simple as you might think. Here's the guidance we give on this:

      In summary, it is true to say that Strands 1 and 2 (Stats, Prob, and all parts of Geometry (including co-ordinate geometry, trig, transformation geometry and synthetic geometry) are the main element of Paper 2.

      Strands 3 to 5 (Number, Algebra and Functions) are the main element of Paper 1.

      However, there can be overlap of strands across both papers.


      In particular, you could get questions about length, area and volume in either paper. "Number" is fundamental to maths, and so could be in either paper, and Algebra occurs across more than one strand.


      Having said all of that, it seems likely that there would be more overlap across papers at Leaving Cert level than at Junior Cert level.

      Our advice would still be to avoid making too many assumptions when it comes to last minute revision.

      Eamonn -


      If you would like the detailed answer (but only if you really want it!), we previously corresponded with the NCCA about this, and this was their response:

      "While there is still generally the same breakdown of topics between the two papers [as before], there is less of a clear line of separation than in the past. The particular case of length, area and volume is a case in point. Nonetheless, there remains the general expectation that Strands 1 and 2 will feature on Paper 2, with the other strands on Paper 1.

      At both LCOL and LCHL, allowance is made for the inclusion of aspects of length, area and volume in questions normally associated with strand 2 topics (and thus appearing on paper 2), even though this length, area and volume can rightfully arise on Paper 1, where other elements of Strand 3 are also examinable. In the 2013 exams, for example, this meant that something of the order of 25 marks out of the 300 on Paper 2 at LCHL were allocated to Strand 3; at Ordinary level, this was of the order of 50 marks. For Junior Certificate, the allocation for length, area and volume on Paper 2 was of the order of 50 marks at both OL and HL.

      As the changed emphases and approaches bed in, students and teachers will become more familiar with the linkages across the strands and will see the ‘connectedness’ within mathematics, as well as between mathematics and everyday life."

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      Wow thanks. that was already unbelievably helpful without the more descriptive summary. I get a more idea of the link between the papers now it's just up to me to practise questions I guess. Thank you once again. !

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      You're more than welcome :-)

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