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P2 answer discussion
Sean_2988 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 15/06/16 31

Lads was the orthocentre in question 1b (7,6)? would cheer me up.

ddp.cronin — 13/06/16
Yeah it was ����
exam — 13/06/16
Yep it was, anyone know what the lottery answers were
Sean_2988 — 13/06/16
thanks. 1/2600 for a. rest of mine is wrong unless they were losing 4.12 euro a game. Leavingcertpredictions.com should have answers up later.
Sean_2988 — 13/06/16
https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0371/6905/files/PAPER_1_LCHM_16.Image.Marked_-_1.pdf?6006994856630014162 Theres p1 if anyone wants it.
Jack_6159 — 13/06/16
I got a loss of 21c per play. Not sure if true
tomz — 13/06/16
Same I got a loss too, and 3€ for the next part
Jack_6159 — 13/06/16
same tomz
ddp.cronin — 13/06/16
Yeah I got 3€ and something like 21 c
ddp.cronin — 13/06/16
What did you get for the rate of change of the height if the wave and did you use differentiation?
Jack_6159 — 13/06/16
I couldn't do it
Fjfj — 13/06/16
What did people get for the centre of the circle in q2? I got (200/17,133/17) definitely wrong I think
ddp.cronin — 13/06/16
One was 7 , that's all I remember
Katie_6240 — 13/06/16
i got (7,6) or (6,7) cant remember which for the centre of the circle
ashes204 — 13/06/16
@Sean_2988 Thanks for the pic of paper 1 solutions! Could you please send in paper 2 when you get it?
tomz — 13/06/16
ddp.cronin think it was something like -16.8
Sean_2988 — 14/06/16
ashes204 no problem, ill put up a link if and when the website puts up solutions. nothing yet.
ashes204 — 14/06/16
@Sean_2988 Thanks a mill :)
Ed Watters — 14/06/16
@Sean_2988 Could you consider posting the link for Paper II when you have a chance please l :)
aimer — 14/06/16
Sean_2988 — 14/06/16
ddp.cronin — 14/06/16
Some of those answers are wrong. For example in q9 he has the cut off point of 10% as equal to around 40000€ , but how can the lowest 10% of income earners earn more than the average income of 39000
Sean_2988 — 14/06/16
yeah. Hope its not a maths teacher
tomz — 14/06/16
For the very last question there was no mention of 95% confidence interval so I thought we couldn't use that formula? Or do we just assume it is...
Sarah654 — 14/06/16
Yah on question 9 on paper 1 there is a mistake in the thing you had to fill in about what affect it had on the x or y axis e.g plus or minus in leith
shannon8 — 15/06/16
The glass pyramid one is wrong as well because the it had a rectangular base so not all 4 triangles were the same area , 2 were the samw as eachother and the other 2 were the same
Dank — 15/06/16
Did anyone get 15 meters squared for that glass question
Sarah654 — 15/06/16
I think I did
Aaron125 — 15/06/16
the top of the table for the tide times is wrong too isn't it?
ddp.cronin — 15/06/16
The table seems right to me.
Aaron125 — 15/06/16
But 't' is 'the number of hours since the last recorded high tide' and there was a high tide at 12 noon. Should it not start at 3 again from 3pm?
Sarah654 — 15/06/16
The table is right on paper to like the range of the graph for 3.1 to 0.1 and they are in the table
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