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    Predictions ? Cona77

    Anyone have any ideas what's coming up on paper 1 ?

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      Financial Maths is pretty due for a 50 marker in section b, be aware of trig graphs as well and functions

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      Trig graph is on paper 2

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      Cheers !

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      trig is on p2 but trig graphs can come up as a functions question and they're incredibly due as well so dont leave them out today

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      Pensions in financial maths is due, so we're told.

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      Will there be any constructions in paper 1 ?

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      you can be asked to construct root 2 and root 3 which are apparently quite likely as well

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      How are constructing root 2 and 3 'likely' when theyve never appeared on a SEC paper 1, nor have they appeared on an SEC sample, nor have they appeared on any of the sample papers produced by e-xamit and the like. I'd love to know where people are getting these so called 'predictions' from.... It gives people unneccesary stress.

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      because they're specified in the syllabus, they're not hard so I don't see how it adds stress

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      they're likely because they've never been asked. they're an aspect of the course that has never been examined and so people wont be expecting them, therefore making them an attractive question to put on a paper

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      also pretty sure the root 2 construction and proof appeared on the DEB mock this year

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      The SEC's goal isnt to trick people. If they havent appeared on the paper thus far there's usually a reason. After last years uproar the chances of it coming up are pretty slim. And it definitely adds stress when someone comes across this thread and didn't even know the construction of root 3/ root 2 existed and now has to go learn it on top of the other stuff they need to revise before the exam.

      And no, it didn't appear on the DEB mock because I sat the DEB mock exam.

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      So no root 2 or root 3 or financial maths ...proves you can't predict was a awful paper

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      I sat the DEB mock exam as well and the root 2 construction was on it along with the root 2 irrationality proof

      The SEC's goal is also to aim to be ensuring that the entire course is being examined over a set period of time. looking a past papers is a good way in my opinion of gauging what could be asked

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      I dislike the SEC

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      No financial maths was a shocker. Sqrt(2) irrationality was on the ExamCraft mock.

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      It was on deb too

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      root 2 irrationality was on both mocks, im looking at them both right now

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