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Predictions for higher level paper 2016
YeatsStudent101 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 07/06/16 5

Any ideas on topics I can close in on in the coming days before the exam??

Benmartin — 05/06/16
No clue.
nzin — 05/06/16
Calculus is always important to know well. Watch out for the complex plane type questions in complex numbers. Everyone is set on combinations/permutations coming up, so it might be worth knowing well.
ste — 05/06/16
yeah i've a lovely prediction there buddy, looks like its gonna be a steamy one with your auntie after a few cheeky deserts in knocker.
colleenwf — 05/06/16
My teacher said there could be a chance of calculus and area and volume together . Also financial maths and sequences and series
Clay97 — 07/06/16
Binomial expansion on paper one. Lots of stats on paper 2 (census and election) Inferential stats
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