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Proofs and thoerems higher level
Lc8/6/16 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 11/06/16 4

Can proving root 2 come up as a proof on paper 2? I'm confused with these theorems and proofs ��

Ó Caomháinigh — 11/06/16
I'm pretty sure that's paper 1, it's really just the geometry theorems and constructions you need to worry about ��
Harry123 — 11/06/16
trig identities and the theorems 11 12 and 13, the junior cert ones can also be asked but arent very likely this year
scanlansteven — 11/06/16
You could be asked to prove someting by contradiction in which case root 2 is perfect and it didn't come up in paper 1 so they could ask contradiction
Lc8/6/16 — 11/06/16
The SEC are annoying
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