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    Remembering maths and understand the question federico

    Does anyone have any useful tips which have successfully worked to remember maths in general and on how to understand what formula to use with what question in the exam papers?


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      well you will be allowed to use your log book for the formulas. just keep practising past lc questions and if you have any questions or dont understand a question, make sure to ask your teacher

      hope that helped :)

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      i personally find doing lots of questions dosent work for me anymore because my brain just goes to autopilot and i dont think or understand what im doing.I just do it and one day later forget im so close to the leaving i only pick 5 or ten hard project math style questions from each topic and i make sure i fully understand all the concepts in those questions.I find less stress more success to be very helpful to me.Ive also made mnemonics for all the calculus they really help a ton.

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