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What happens if you fail maths in the leaving cert?
John smith234 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 13/05/18 20

People say that if you fail maths you basically fail the leaving cert. So most people drop to ordinary but ordinary is still quite hard so recently many people in my school have dropped to foundation. Will they even be allowed into college with foundation? and if someone was to fail maths but get good points Eg 400 would they be still denied access to college?

AHickey — 11/05/16
You cannot go to universities or ITs without higher or ordindary maths. You can do PLC courses with foundation level maths. You would be denied access to college if you fail maths but you could repeat maths the following year and use your points from the first year to gain access to your course.
John smith234 — 11/05/16
There are courses I have seen that do not require maths or even a grade in them. For example a arts degree in maynooth for things like English or history says it does not require maths but it requires other stuff like a d3 in irish,english and a language. What does it mean about maths?
Dylan98 — 11/05/16
I think some courses in colleges require at least a D3 - at least that's what I see in UCD arts courses. It says that you need English, Irish a 3rd language and 3 other recognized subjects. But maybe a pass or higher in Ordinary level maths is something beneficial to the course too.
John smith234 — 11/05/16
What does It mean by recognised subjects?
Dylan98 — 11/05/16
I only read this in UCD's prospectus for 2016 but I'd say those are like other subjects (as if you need a third language + Irish and English you already have 3 subjects) like geography, history, physics, biology etc.
Dylan98 — 11/05/16
But then again about maths I'm unsure about it.
emerv — 12/05/16
For some IT's, like Sligo, you can get into your course with an E in higher level maths, it all depends on the course criteria.
John smith234 — 12/05/16
People are telling me on here that I need at a least a d3 but im just after talking with maynooth and they said courses that have no relation to maths such as a arts degree in subjects like history,english,french etc do NOT even require any grade in maths and all that is required is a pass in irish,english and a third language, been told all my life you cant get into college without maths but never looked into it until now.
oxter — 14/05/16
You don't need maths for everything, just depends on what course you wan't to do.
Dylan98 — 15/05/16
Yeah I've been told by my parents that if you fail maths in the leaving you don't go to college, but where does it explicitly state that. Like I am interested in courses that don't need maths - and so I just need to get my grades in my 6 other subjects. Considering I'm doing everything higher except maths, it's probably not going to be counted anyway.. unless I really do bad in another one.
Yoshmyster96 — 15/05/16
You're fucked.. Believe me! DONT FAIL MATHS!!
John smith234 — 16/05/16
yoshmysister you dont even know what you are talking about, there are several arts degrees and other degrees that have no relation to maths and so do not require even a pass in maths. They have other requirements like a third language and a pass in english and irish obviously but not maths so sit down internet troll.
John smith234 — 16/05/16
Dylan98, Yeah if you do 7 subjects and you messed up on one,only 6 are counted so if you wanted X points to do a course that didnt need maths and you failed maths,you would not lose points because its not being counted .The college would only care about if you got the correct amount of points and if you reached the requirements,for example i will need a pass in english,irish and a third language which is no problem. But this would only work if you are good in your other 6 subjects, fortunately for me , maths is my only weak spot so im making sure my other 6 will be good grades.
Yoshmyster96 — 16/05/16
I failed maths last year I know what I'm talking about. The majority of university's don't accept a fail in maths. Take the maths level that you can do and don't risk it cause you'll regret it.
PRMK — 17/05/16
Go to this course and you won't fail. She is so good - think she's doing an Ordinary Level one for LC too.
TheMowl — 09/06/16
Any idea what the story is with Maynooth? If I get 450 points but fail maths can I still do an arts there??
niamh-20 — 09/06/16
You can still do a PLC if maths is not required for that course but if you want to further your studies from the PLC course sometimes you need maths from the leaving cert, I failed maths before and done a PLC. Don't stress positive mind set and you will be fine some colleges also accept an E grade at HL and an A grade in foundation.
TheMowl — 10/06/16
You can still do an arts if you fail maths including one in Maynooth. So actually you don't have to do a Plc or repeat
Aimee_4100 — 13/06/17
Can you still do Arts if you dont have third language but take it up in the course?
leonward — 13/05/18
can i work in a supermarket like dunnes stores with foundations maths i am doing ordinary level but my class is keep failing the test only two people in the class pass the test so what do you think ishould do for the LC fail ordinary level maths or do foundation and pass it anyone know whats the best solotions?
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