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What just happened?
Oljen Leaving Cert Mathematics — 14/07/16 13

Very worried about passing now. I'm a weak maths student and the A class in my year found it difficult! Did many others feel the same way??

jennifermchugh — 13/06/16
I can safely say maths paper 2 bent me over that table, and screwed me up the ass.
AHMEDKHAN55 — 13/06/16
Lol. same for me:)
erter — 13/06/16
Paper 2 was the most easiest paper ive ever received and im a C1 student
Caoimh101 — 13/06/16
I found it tough too ���� praying for a d3 ����
Oljen — 13/06/16
Did you do the HL paper erter? I'm praying for a d3 as well I did so bad
benduggan98 — 13/06/16
I honestly feel dumb after that paper. The easiest paper 2 in project maths history
treasa98 — 13/06/16
That paper was horrific I definitely failed....
annie1996 — 13/06/16
That paper was horrible ! I'd be lucky enough to get a C
exam — 13/06/16
I thought it was ok except for that construction ��
njhoran — 13/06/16
I thought I was the only one! scary how most people think it was either wonderful or horrific. I'm scared I'll have to repeat now !!!
Aaron125 — 13/06/16
other than the cosine question i thought the paper was unreal
Eoin_9748 — 13/06/16
Anyone get the DN formula for Q4 on paper 2?
Aoifebrad — 14/07/16
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