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    Wondering DarrenC76511

    I do O.L Maths and failed it in my Mocks is it possible to Pass it in June?

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      it has been done many time but the key thing to do is study and do lots of exam questions over and over again and if your sure that you can't do u might need to drop because its not worth failing .

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      Ye dats true and is the Paper slightly easier dan d Mocks?

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      Our maths mock was so hard! The teacher didn't think it was hard he just said that of course its harder than the real thing as you've done less preparation. If I were you I'd look at the questions your good at and make sure you get full marks in them! Don't worry I'm sure it'll work out.

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      Ye it was terrible did u get the Paper wit Hyposis I was lyk wat ye our teacher said d Calculus 1 was hard ye I'm ori at Algebra

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      I think you should all be more worried about English than maths...

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      Reece Courtney

      ha lol good one

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      It depends how badly you failed. Our teacher said you could come up from 30% but not less than that

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