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    Wrong Graph Question Q8 paper 2 Gardea

    If I found the wrong points to the graph but drew the graph using the points that I found do I lose all the marks or do they not carry on?

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      I don't thinks so

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      barry goulding

      Lol I drew the right one

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      Thanks, I got everything else right so just wondering if I'll get an A1 or A2

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      How do you know you got everything right? xD

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      You will get some marks, since you did fill it in the graph correctly! You'll just not get full marks..

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      If you filled in the graph correctly but used your own points that were wrong, you will only lose points for getting the coordinates, will get full marks for the graph Q. itself

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      Deadly buzz, sound lads!!!

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      Yeah did anyone else get like variations of the number three for the graph??? I don't know what happened

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      You had to have your calc in radians...

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      same, didn't have mine in radians

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      Opps, maybe we'll get some marks!

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      I messed it up too, someone told me after the exam! I was raging!

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      do you mean typing in 180 instead of pi? or were you's taught to put your calc in radian mode? o.O

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      Just completely forgot to put it in radians like it never occurred to me. I put pi in but my cal was still in deg.

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