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    Set Works! niamhpender

    Any tips on how to prepare for the set works??

    Really struggling... no idea how to even listen to Seachanges!

    Thanks x

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      I think the best thing is listen to them over and over again. And then go to your notes or scores or revision book and learn things like the key, the form, the style of period, etc. Then scrutinize it in detail, noting examples of things like texture, syncopation, tempo changes, dynamic changes, instrumentation, etc. You must also know how to write out some themes as a dictation could come up. As long as you have a general idea of the work, as in which piece of music comes next, then you'll be fine. Knowing the form is the most important thing!

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      Fionn óhA

      I agree with Lucy above. Know the form inside out and upside down and then learn general headings like instrumentation, composition/instrumental techniques (especially for sea changes), rhythm and melody.

      It helps if you listen to the music while going trough your notes at the same time or listen while reading the score along to it.

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