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    HELP! Minor Answering Phrase???? ndesilva_

    I was out for about 2 months missed everything on minor answering phrases and backing chords?? haven't a clue how to do either.. anyone give me a hand?

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      Don't worry, minor is not that different from major.

      Work out what the key signature is in major, then go to the "la" and there's your minor key. Treat "la" as the 1st note in your scale and don't forget to raise the 7th in your new scale by one step/semitone.

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      Then to answer your phrase, you have to convert the minor melody back to the initial major by bringing that raised 7th back down, and treating that phrase like it's in the major.

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      First of all. No modulation in the Minor key. If the questions does not say modulate that straight away means that it is in the minor key.

      It is more or less the same setting of a major

      Melody. To get the minor key. Find your major key first , then count up six fingers and you'll have your minor key. Example A in major is F in minor key :) and don't forget raised seventh note :)

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      HELP! how do i do minor backing chords? Q5?

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      The only minor chords on the course are ii and vi. They're not much different to the major chords. Just make sure you fill out your chord grid and always reference that when doing the chord question. Also on the LC music course you cannot have two minor chords together.

      If you find doing making the chords hard, just make sure you know a pattern or so before you go in and just see where you can slide them in (eg iib-V-I)

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