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irish essays
Leah:) Leaving Cert Music — 16/06/16 6

anyone have any tips for learning the irish essays ????????:)

Zoe Koulianou — 04/06/16
Just keep reading them and memorising them. Wright them out if that helps. You could make up a song to them or sing them to a tune you know.
Tara_Kell — 06/06/16
Write out the important points in bullet points makes them easier to learn.
BA30 — 07/06/16
any predictions for the essays this year anyone?
Leah:) — 07/06/16
sean o riada but no one know so dnt depend on predictions
Katie_OConnor172016 — 11/06/16
I really hope Irish dances come ups!
Elaine170997 — 16/06/16
I think the Irish song tradition, uilleann pipes, ornamentation might come up. I'm just going to learn off the essays I was given as best as I can
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