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Modulation Help
AaronP47 Leaving Cert Music — 22/06/16 5

How do you modulate from one key to another again? Where do I place the accidental note?

Kateehanlon — 21/06/16
I hope this is right this is just how I do it :) -Write out the scale of the tonic key (key that your'e in) -Its easiest to modulate to the dominant key. To find the dominant key go to soh (5th note of the tonic scale). For example the dominant key of C major is G major. -Write out the scale of the new key. The accidental is the extra sharp/flat/natural that is in the dominant key but not in the tonic key. For example the accidental of the key of G would be F# because F is natural in the key of C. The accidental is always on ti (7th note) of the dominant scale. -In minor melodies don't modulate to the dominant key instead go to the relative major
njhoran — 21/06/16
kateehanlon how would you modulate in a minor key?
Katie_OConnor172016 — 21/06/16
Ya actually can someone please tell me what to do in bars 7 and 8 if it's in a minor key and what do you mean by relative key? Do you just do an imperfect cadence and do you put any sharps or flats or anything like that?? Help!!
roisindoyle5 — 21/06/16
You don't have to modulate in a minor key, imperfect cadence is fine
neeuuvv — 22/06/16
modulate to major in bar 7 and then bar 8 just feature it around doh in your major scale
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