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    Need help on a part of the melody writing ! Zoe Koulianou

    I'm a bit confused on what to do in the bars 5 & 6 and 13 & 14 of the melody writing. In our school we are told to copy bars 1 & 2 however one teacher says just change one note when you copy each bar but another teacher says to change more than one note in each bar. Can anyone tell me what their teacher tells them because I'm not sure which one to go with. I hope that makes sense.

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      You have to vary it if it's the same your not writing a new melody so u won't get marks like you can add passing note take away note bring it up or down an octave etc, and and give it some resemblance of bars 1+2 the only time u can keep it the same is changing the octave

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      Keep it similar to bars 1 and 2, but not identical. Add in a passing note, upper or lower auxillary note, put it up or down an octave, invert it ... Small changes

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