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    Predictions?!?!! aisling.oconnell2

    Anyone have any predictions of what might come up?!

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      Thinking Berlioz, Minor Melody

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      6 8 time on the composing, i think it's due

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      Look at Eoghan Jacksons video on music, he's brilliant. He said for melody composing question 1, no upbeat, minor key and not in 6/8. He said for harmony question 5 no upbeat, major key, not in 6/8 and it will have an awkward bass pattern. He said for Listening question 1, either Berlioz or Beatles. (she's leaving home, movement 4 Marche Au Supplice and Mozart movement 3) and Raymond Deane, he just said the shitty section! Also for Irish music he said Collectors of Irish music, or Ornamentation, or Irish song tradition, or Sean o Riada or finally Sean Nós!! I really hope this helps :)

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      Thank you so much this really helps!☺️

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      So either Berlioz or Beatles for Q1?

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      I wouldn't get too bogged down on predictions tbh.... anything could come up..... they could decide to completely surprise us

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