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    Question 1 Emma 1234

    Could anyone explain how to do question 1 on the composing paper of it's a minor? I know how to do the major I just don't no how to do the minor. my teacher was saying something about raise 6 and 7 going up and lower them going down but I'm confused as to what else to do

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      1st of all, every piece has 2 possible key signatures, a major and a minor. Look at sharps or flats and figure out the major key signature. Write out that scale. Then go to the 6th or "lah" note and write out that scale. This "lah" scale is your minor. If there is an accidental in the piece it should be your sharpened 7th in your minor key and this will confirm your in this minor key. To modulate, you have to modulate back to the major and to do this you have to look at the related sharps and flats of the major and minor keys. If your minor scale has 3 flats and your major has two, you need to take away the extra one by naturalising it. This will modulate it to the major.

      Hope that helped in some way 👍

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      Emma 1234

      Thank you so much I will try get my head around it thank you

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