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    Setworks!! please help!!!! meganward

    I really have no idea what I need to know for any of my setworks. Unfortunately, my music teacher seems helpless in this area. What do I need to know about each song? and what questions do they ask? My music teacher wouldn't get us exam papers so I really am clueless! Any notes/tips/advice would be extremely helpful! Thank you! :)

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      Use the exam paper on studyclix. Buy a revision book to learn the key points for each song. But dont worry about them too much they are only worth ten percent

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      Thank you! @paulfarren

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      for the set songs you will need to know at least one rhymtic feature like time signature and a melodic feature and form

      for set works you will need to know the form how it starts off and e.g) Brandenberg like a cadenza and the ritornello theme and how violin and flute play in thirds etc. also be aware of the different sections of the song

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