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    Boyle's Law experiment Dam Erin

    Okay, just a simple quick question! In school we did the boyle's law experiment using a syringe and pressure gauge and such, not the boyle's law apparatus. My question is, in a test, if i put it down the way we did it, where we were varying the volume, would that suffice? Or must I use the boyle's law apparatus, which I haven't learned yet.

    Thanks for an answer!

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      i dont think its going to come up but your way will get marks too

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      Holy shit you used a syringe?

      Might wanna get checked mate at the clinic like

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      I'm going to start studying physics on wednesday

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      That came up last year so I doubt it'll come up again as an Exp Q

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      Dam Erin

      Okay thanks people, was just wondering!

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