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    Can anyone explain this marking scheme please? shannon8

    It's the 2006 particle physics question 10.(a)

    One part of the question says "Pions are mesons that consist of up and down quarks and their antiquarks. Give the quark composition of (i) a positive pion and (ii) a negative pion." The question is worth 9 marks.

    In the marking scheme part (i) is worth 3 marks and (ii) is worth 3 marks. They also have in the marking scheme 3 marks for writing "any quark, antiquark pair" what does this mean and why would you think to write this if it's not specifically asked in the question? Thanks.

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      basically i you get one right and one wrong its 6 marks,or both wrong, but put down any quarks pair, its 3 marks

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      Oh so they're not actually saying the candidate has to write that as part of the answer, it's just a note to the corrector?

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