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    Doing physics in one year Chris241197

    I am going into leaving cert year and want to do physics,was wondering If I could do it in one year or is there too much material, (I will be doing everything outside school) also do the experiment count towards your final grade?

    I am doing applied maths, chemistry, biology and hons maths,

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      Have heard lots from school recommending this website for physics notes etc.

      Hope you find it useful ☺

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      It is an obligation that you must complete 24 experiments in order to do the exam. As a teacher while it is certainly attainable, I have recommended that students in your position, concentrate on the subjects they are already doing and forget taking a new subject, you already have enough to do.

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      yes its possible to do it in a year but do that year in 5th year not 6th as you wont have any time to focus on it as much as you would in 6th, experiments have to be all written up, you dont have to do them but it would be advisable to do or at least watch videos on them as just reading about them isnt as affective, in your leaving cert exam in section A 4 of the 24 come up and you must do 3 it is worth 30% of your total grade, i do all science subjects and physics is by far the most interesting but it can also be the hardest! you should do it if your considering doing science in college as it will make it much easier :)

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