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    Hardest chapters in physics Chris241197

    Doing physics by myself would like to know which chapter do people find are the most challenging, thanks

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      All of them because our physics teacher is bad

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      But mainly electricity

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      :) , Is static electricity bad, in your opinion as well?

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      Static is not too bad IMO. Coulomb's law is basically it. No how to charge by induction or rubbing. Capacitance is the chapter I've great difficulty in understanding. Know the terms but just can't understand the concept.

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      Our class struggled with electricity as well, in particular electromagnetism. Many also found the Particle Physics Option difficult.

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      physics in general isnt too hard if you are doing honours maths, but out of experience, circular and simple harmonic motion are probably the hardest to get get your head wrapped around

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      Big James

      wath they said

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      Big dreamer

      Circular motion and work, energy,power

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      I have a big test tomorrow on density. Now density sounds easy but it's challenging. I have already went over the basics alot but im not sure it's helping. Would appreciate a response thanks

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