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    last minute study keelin9898

    wondering if there are any last minute study tips for higher physics as i plan on using the most of the two and a half days i have before the exam, im afraid ill fail as i only got 44 in the mock thanks

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      Prioritise the experiments+ your optional question, once you're really confident with them start doing exam qs on the other parts of the course...It's a fu***** unpredictable test..

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      Definitions and experiments if you want to pass. If you can learn definitions, derivations, demonstrations and experiments, you can get a C1 without anything much else.

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      Know which definitions you can write straight out of the log tables as a formula instead of in words to save time learning necessary definitions

      eg Sound intensity is the amount of energy flowing per unit time through a unit area that is perpendicular to the direction in which the sound waves are travelling.

      or Intensity =Power/area, I = sound intensity Watts/m2, Power=watts, Area=m2 for full marks

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