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mandatory exp. predictions HL
munster97 Leaving Cert Physics — 19/06/16 9

are there any mandatory experiments mist likely to come up?

aimer — 18/06/16
One of the sound ones as no sOund exps came up last year
Gorlami — 18/06/16
The D is proportional to N experiment.
conor1234 — 18/06/16
snells law exp. hasnt been up since 2010
jozx7r — 18/06/16
D is proportional to N experiment?
Gorlami — 19/06/16
The Deez is proportional to Nuts experimenr
ronan.foley.52 — 19/06/16
that d is proportional to n one hasnt come up yet
Gorlami — 19/06/16
Yeah but it came up as a Deez Nutz question last year so it probably wont
Shane98e — 19/06/16
what is the experiment for d is proportional to n???!!!
tomz — 19/06/16
I had a dream that the speed of sound exp and measure of resistivity came up
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