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My school doesn't offer Physics for Leaving Cert - What do I do?
knevin202010 Leaving Cert Physics — 13/11/16 5

There are courses available near me, but it is €300 per term. What can I do that is cheaper?

Ciara murnane — 02/09/16
Potentially you could form a class of students who would be willing to undertake physics as an extra subject and ask the science teachers in your school could they teach you all the physics course. However this would be trying or otherwise you may have to resort to teaching yourself.
lukebrn — 03/09/16
Im a physics grinds teacher in Dublin, if you are interested email lukester9498@gmail.com and we can sort something out.
knevin202010 — 03/09/16
Thank you
MAYYAMIMI — 03/09/16
My sister school didn't offer physics as well We were in the same year
flashgut — 13/11/16
Change school
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