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    types of lenses. hamzamughees

    Hey guys.

    I am really confused with the types of lenses and weather or not they are upright or erect, or real or virtual, or magnified or diminished. i am really confused. Does anyone have a link to a website that could help me with this, or could anyone help me.

    thanks alot.

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      Convex lenses are the ones that look like this () and I think if the image is past the focus, it is a real image and created on the opposite side and it is deminshed and inverted. If the image is locted on the focus, the image is virtual anf is located on the same side as the object but it is an image at inifinty and if the object is located inside the focus, the object is also virtual but its magnified qnd upright. Concave lenses look like this )( and the image is always virtual, located on the side and upright. Here the closer the image is to the optic centre the larger it is.

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      thank you so very much

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