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    Vectors and Scalars michaels

    A cyclist travels from A to B along the arc of a circle of radius 25 m as shown.

    Calculate (i) the distance travelled, (ii) the displacement undergone, by the cyclist.

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      James Carron

      I'm guessing this answer will be too late and not useful but I'm going to fire away anyways

      The distance travelled is simply 1/4 of the circumference of a 25m which can be found using 1/4 x 2x3.14x25 = 39.26990817 = Approximately 39.27m

      The displacement is the straight line distance from the A to B. We can find this using Pythagoras theorem

      Root(25squared plus 25squared) = 35.35533906m = approx 35.36m

      I'm in 6th year myself and this was a simple question...

      i later found the rest of the solutions here

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