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    Could you do religion in one year? Michaelfitz95

    anyone who does religion think i could take it up in 6th year as an extra subject and manage it?

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      idk, I'm not in leaving cert yet, and I don't do religion but why would u want to?

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      martina kehoe

      If you are an A student you could manage it but it is a very demanding course .You must also complete a project of which 20% of overall marks are awarded to. You need a teacher to be willing to sign off for you.If you decide to do it use your summer holidays to cover at least two sections of the course and your project work.Best of luck

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      trust me, i hardly do anything in junior cert and i got an a in higher level,

      literally left the exam hall after 1hr

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      I did mine in one year. I took it up as a new subject as I'm the leaving cert. Honestly, I did my journal in around 2-3 weeks. Easy as pie. The syllabus is … hard work. A lot to learn. Think of the subject as a mixture of history and english. The exam itself will force you to self-reflect during the exam, not only regurgitate learned theory. But, to be honest, it's something you can easily practice and get used to at school and at home.

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      I took it up as a new subject as I'm REPEATING the leaving cert***** sorry missed out a word there

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      Personally I wouldn't advise doing it in one year unless you have a teacher who is willing to guide you in it, regardless of what some people say it is not an 'easy' subject, it takes a certain type of ability, however a good all rounder should do well, once they put in the work. The optional sections which you choose to do are very important though!

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      I've done it and I'm shitting it now the night before the exam don't do it lads

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