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    Coursework Bengee

    What structure do you write the summary in?

    eg intro: I researched gender roles in Islam and list a few things i found out.

    then expand them in paragraphs??

    do i put the sources in the intro or in the paragraphs and do i say "in this book the author explains how blah blah blah"

    do i link the paragraphs somehow?


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      It should be essay-styled and it's not necessary to link paragraphs

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      ah ok thanks,

      any tips on how to start the summary? like the title i chose is gender for for islam and heres what i found?

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      I am doing the same title as you :) define the keywords in the title like gender and roles

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      Don't say the title you Chose as it already says it on top of your page

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      ah right thanks shaun!

      Do you mind me asking what your very first line is? Im having a hard time thinking of how to start it.

      No worries if you dont want to though:-D

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      Whats your email ?

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      Sorry have two accounts

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      Bengee , sound!

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      shit sorry i cant get into that email my other one is

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