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    Extra Subject? amyb101

    Thinking of taking Religion on as an extra subject. I already do Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Irish, History, French, English and LCVP is mandatory in my school. I want to do it as I've heard it's not too difficult to get a high grade. I also need it for points as I wont be counting LCVP in my top six or Irish and I want to get into medicine. Is this a good idea? How much work is needed to be put in for the Religion syllabus?

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      i wouldnt advise it because youd have to spend your studying time over more subjects which will considereably decrease your gradeds and your results will suffer in subjects like maths, i do 8 rn but im gonna drop 1 after chrismtas probably business tbh

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      there is alot to get your head around plus you've a project to do which takes up a incredible amount of time! but if your willing to really test yourself i would defiantly give it a shot, but i'd personally focus more on the subjects your doing to try achieve a good grade. - Kayleigh

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