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    HELP.. POR FAVOUR Jennooos

    Hi, I use to be really good at HL Spanish, like I Aced the JC but now I feel like it's going downhill like I'm currently getting D's and C's I find it so difficult. I'm in 5th year BTW

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      I know how you feel,

      I used to love Spanish for junior cert- always got A's and B's but now I'm doing my leaving cert and I keep getting like C's and D's.

      Learn Vocabulary

      Learn your tenses

      Practice listening comprehensions

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      Stick with it! Don't get disheartened! Senior cycle Spanish is a big departure from junior cycle. You need to make sure you have a good foundation in grammar, if you are rusty on verbs and tenses go over these in detail. Make charts, take a few verbs a night and learn them. It is not very exciting work but is absolutely necessary. For the L.C, you need to be able to confidently slip from present to preterite to imperfect to future. Take one tense, say the present tense, and study all the regular verbs and endings. Set yourself lots of exercises, get yourself a grammar book and work your way through it. (For independent study, I recommend Schaum's Spanish grammar, can be bought on line. It is good as it explains points, then sets exercises. There is an answer key at the back so you can check your answers). Then work your way through the irregular verbs and follow the same pattern through the tenses.

      There is no magic formula for this, just hard work, but I promise it pays off. The most common mistakes made in the written aspect of the paper are all grammar related. It is not too late to start now!! But consistent work is the key. A language needs to be studied progressively, you will never be able to cram it.

      Then vocabulary. You need to set aside some time every evening to learn Spanish vocabulary. Even if you take five words a day, thats 35 words in a week and 140 in a month! You can build this up in no time. Underline nice expressions in your text book, keep a vocabulary bank at the back of your copy. You really have to apply yourself to this. You will notice a huge difference in your comprehension, but written and aurally.

      Start with this and the rest will fall into place. Buena suerte!

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      Thanks for the advice! It motivated me

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