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    DEB HL PAPER (any hints plzzz) hazelclix

    I think I'm getting the DEB paper tomorrow does anyone have any idea whats coming up in the aural, dialogue construction or note/diary entry??? I'll take any hints I can get like desperate :(((

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      its tomorrow literally anything will help xD

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      I'll tell u what came up if you tell me debs paper 2 hl maths

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      The diary was about going to university feeling nervous/excited, you're going to stay on campus, you'll come home for Christmas. The note was you're going on a bus tour around the city, ask your friend to go for tapas after. Aural was grand you can't really get tips for it, just highlight important words in Q and try your best to listen out for the answer u think suits the Q. The comprehensions were easier than I was expecting, the exam was based in and around health. It was an okay exam you will be fine

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