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    examcraft opinion piece titles RickyKeane

    ''La juventud desea cambiar la sociedad'' o ''La familia ya no es tan importante como antes en la vida de los jóvenes''

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      thank you! what was the note/diary entry on? and the dialogue if you remember?

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      Dialogue is about staying in Oviedo for two weeks. You ask a worker in the tourist office for information about the city and tourist sights. You ask for directions to get to your youth hostile. You ask the worker if he knows what the weather will be like over the next week. You ask him if he recommends that you rent a car or if it is possible to go to the local beaches by bus. You say you have your driver's license. You've never driven in a foreign country and you hope you won't cause any accidents.

      Diary entry was about you spending a month in Córdoba. You must say you are nervous about being away from home for a month. Mention what topics you would particularly like to learn from the course. Say how the first day has gone. Mention who you are staying with and describe them :)

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      Hey, do you rememer what the email/letter was on ?

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