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Im able to fluently speak Spanish but,my grammer aint the best!
Tony_5801 Leaving Cert Spanish — 09/03/17 4

Hey all! just wanted to know would i need to put in a lot of work for study in spanish i.e grammer wise?I know there is a level of work involed but i dont know how much! Im from Ibiza and im able to speak Spanish very well,accent isnt a problem either. Also could you give me a format of the LC HL paper for Spanish as well if its not a problem. Any help is greatly appriciated!

Tony_5801 — 11/01/17
Also,I find it hard to expand on the letter, help on that would be g
E.Devitt — 11/01/17
The paper layout is: Listening comprehension Section A- journalistic text ignore the other thing its studied literature Then 2 short reading comprehensions in section A Section B- A long reading comprehension and opinion essay Section C- Dialogue or letter And you also do diary entry or note If I was you I'd do the dialogue instead of the letter because its just translation which shouldn't be an issue for you. As far as improving grammar goes, I'd read Spanish that is written in the Spanish equivalent of "Oxford English" which is to say that perfect grammar is used and there's no colloquial words or anything like that. This should improve your grammar if you were to write your stuff the way this is written.
Tony_5801 — 11/01/17
Thanks E.Devit!
ana_maria22 — 09/03/17
The best and quickest way to learn 'la gramatica' is to write out examples. What I do myself is for example: today I learn the conditional, I take 10 verbs or you can take more and conjugate them starting with the regulars and after going into the irregulars. I heard it off other people and never did it I thought it was nonsense but truly it helps an in a week even if you learn a tense a day and conjugate these verbs it will get into your brain without realising it. I picked up Spanish in 5th year and I'm now in 6th year having no problems with my tenses. Por ejemplo: hablar====(Yo) Hablaria, (Tu) Hablarias,(El/Ella/Usted) Hablaria, (Nosotros/as)Hablariamos, (Vosotros/as) Hablariais,(Ellos,Ellas,Ustedes) Hablarian.( And there should be accents as well but I cant type them) Hoped that helped :).
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