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    Oral- can someone translate this please? katie.glynn.90

    Can someone translate

    'Music gives me relief from the stress of exams' into spanish please? :))

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      ' La música me da alivio del estrés de los exámenes '

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      Or you could say "Cuando escucho la música, puedo olvidar el estrés de los exámenes" which means "when I listen to music, I can forget the stress of my exams " not a direct translation, but it might be easier for you to learn? :) Good luck in you oral ! When do you have yours?

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      Thank you, my spanish oral is tomorrow, so nervous :-P Trying to cover all the topics that the examiner asked the other students :-) When is yours?

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      Mine is next Tuesday. I'm so nervous too. I couldn't stop shaking through my Irish one :( At least you'll have it over with after tomorrow, then you can burn the role plays and your Spanish oral book :D I definitely will be !

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      I know I'm just a JC but the "me da" is object pronoun, right? This means that it sounds fancy. So go with it

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