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    Spanish Higher leve DEBS pleasseeeee tariq

    Any body got any clue for hl spainsh deb mock papers?

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      Opinion piece is "sport is essential to be healthy" and another one about there's too much food. Big comprehension is all about obesity and young people being overweight.

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      What was the aural for that paper?

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      bekzxo, ive already done the aural. its a mixture of diffreent things, weather,musical band, starting university, cant remember more tbh

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      There was something about a child prodigy who finished secondary school at 12 and went to university they also ask what he studies I didn't get that it was some science thing idk and why did his parents give him his name is because it means happiness in japanese

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      What about the letter/note?

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      Thank you

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      Is the aurals the same for both papers??

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