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    Ahhh Mocks! emma1808

    So my mocks are starting next week (5th) and I am completely unprepared! No study done at all!

    I just have SO much homework and I don't even get it done in after-school study. When I get home I am so tired that when I finally get my homework done and have my dinner, I just go straight to bed (11pm). Because I'm not getting enough sleep - barely 8 hours, I am feeling so tired I'm not motivated at all to study.

    Does anyone feel the same or do they have any advice? Thanks!:)

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      Record ur self saying key words and listen to it when ur eating dinner or about to go to bed

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      Stay at home for the last week and bring home lots of books andstudy a subject a day .. thats what I do

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      same problem as you tell the teachers and hopefully they will understand you can only try your best

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