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    Anyone Needs help, ASK ME! mohamedhamid99

    if you stuck or find difficult to study for exams, i will help you

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      I am studying for science in the junior cert. Does conservation, pollution and careful management come up regularly. Do i need to study it as much as other chapters? Thanks

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      Jennoos did you find any other subjects diificult?

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      Now Sarah I think those chapters comes up regularly so now you need to study that over again as possible as you can, when you find it easy to remember you can study the other chapters. When weekends or holidays just right before junior cert, you can study each chapters all day and study other subjects for half an hour do you know what I mean because it will be easy to remember quickly when you answering questions in junior cert!! If you like to print off the science exam papers and test yourself to see how much you remember.

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      anyone know any websites with good business notes (industrial relations,employer/employee,etc)

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      Shona the website for notes and lessons is on

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      thank u but i prefer notes and couldnt find any on just verbal interactive lessons

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      i found a good website thanks!!

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      That's no problem but I found some notes for all subjects from that website

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      thank u

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      how do you study for ancient greek, italian, french and german do all four instead of art usiness woodwork etc its so hard to learn four languages!!!!!!!! dont try it >_<

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      i was just asked by a friend how do you study for orals???

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