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    Did I get a B ?? Double007

    Okay guys I want your honest opinion

    I know, like I honestly know that I got around 220-230 marks in the P1

    In P2, I would like to know your opinions if I have a chance to get a B at all over all

    This is what I got in P2

    Q1. I did all of them, but now realising from my friend and here that I did the wrong method and got the answer wrong

    Q2. All parts were done and I am pretty confident for full marks

    Q3. I probs put down 4 wrong fractions in 4 of the fraction columns, part B I got, part C,I got that as well

    Q4. Got all

    Q5. Did not even get 1 bit

    Q6.Did not get C(I)(II)

    Q7. Got it

    Q8. Got it

    Q9. Got it

    Q10.I got A and B but not C and D

    Q11. Got it

    Q12. Did not get (d)(e)(f)

    Q13.Got it

    Q14. Got it apart from C

    Q15. Did not even get it

    So how bad did I do ??

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      yes this is my user name

      Yes i would say you got a B. congratulations!

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      Oh thank God, and thank you !!

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