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    FIRST Year tests !! help ;( jademcd

    I know it may sound weird me getting stressed about first year tests ..but I am don't tell me that I shouldn't ..I am ok ? but just tell me how I can study as well as have fun ? please

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      im doing first year tests too and everyone is telling me "calm down susie,its not the leaving cert" but im studying hard u should too and the work will pay off! i do more than 2 hours a night and 1 hour the night i have training i also study all day sat and sunday but still have fun!

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      lads its onli first year do not get stressed over those little tests wait until your doing the leaving cert for that

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      I could tell you not to stress because they are really easy but honestly I was the very same! I promise you'll look back and think you were being really stupid. All I can say is work as hard as you can in the exam and always write something down because you'd be surprised how much you actually remember! Good luck!

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      I won't be surprised if you don't get a few A's if you do that much study, but don't over-study. You may be studying more than you need to. But then again, it is good practice for later years. If you try hard in 1st year, you won't be under as much pressure in 2nd or 3rd year

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