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    Getting Started male3

    I am doing all Higher papers, but have not started studying yet. Getting started tomorrow. Any help on how best to get started. How much time apart from homework should I be spending on study every evening and weekend. I go to after school study and get my written work done. My problem is how do I approach study for each subject.

    Have many of you done much work at this point. Thanks

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      Best way to study is to do little bits everyday (one chapter every day will do) Don't spend ages on one particular subject because you will get bored and information will not go into head anymore. Try and do about three/four subjects a day, in the long run this will help because you won't need to cram in all in on the up coming week of the exam. Hope that helps ;)

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      heelgirl your awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      heelgirl and trevor or is it jordan you tell me

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