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    Help the first year, please??!! GeographyQueen

    We have our summer exams next week and I'm so nervous! This is my first time doing proper exams to a specific timetable in an exam hall or whatever because our Christmas tests were in our classes and kind of informal in a way. That's not the real issue though. The actual problem is studying. I study for science for ages, but I just cannot remember anything!! This is how I study:

    -I read the definition or whatever a couple of times out loud, slowly, while concentrating

    -I write it down as best as I can remember it.

    -I correct any mistakes and write it out again.

    -If I dont understand the explanation in the book, I write it out in my own words.

    I would really appreciate it if you could give me some hints and tips about how to study effectively for summer exams, especially science. Thank you, Tara xoxo

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      And also, how to study for English? Thats very hard aswell - Tara

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      Hi Geography Queen, Firstly try not to panic too much. Your teachers know it is your first time doing tests. If you are finding you cannot remember what you have just learned try to challenge yourself by doing some questions and then looking at the answer. As a first year, stick with ordinary level. Go to junior science, pick a topic you have done and try a few of the questions. For English, try doing a brainstorm before you start an answer (this is where you write down all your ideas in little bubbles) Best of luck!

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      yes this is my user name

      science is a very tricky subject! I'm in third year about to do my junior cert and i still don't get science at all! Don't worry too much about your exams, they get easier as you move up! I remember how nervous i was in first year but i'm actually less nervous now! Science just may not be your thing and thats ok just try your best and that's all you can do and thats all i'll be doing! Good luck! :)

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      Hey, dont worry! It's just your 1st year. Try to relax that way you will find it easier to study. I like to use note cards/palm cards they are really helpful and you can get them in most stationary shops. For English revise your class notes and past corrections. Science questions for junior cert usuall dont go into too much detail so try your best to gain an over all understanding of the course then learn and revise your weak areas, also revise over your experiments!! :) best of luck,I hope this advice helps!

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      GeographyQueen, for English, my teacher did literally NOTHING in 1st year, and now I'm in 2nd year and have a much better teacher, and I'm doing fine. You don't really need to worry about English too much in 1st year, unless your teacher is making you.

      Also, for science, just learn the topics that you are weaker at. I think it'd be a good idea to make up your own questions on each topic, learn the answers and answer them. You can also look up exam papers on I'd say that Ordinary level papers would be good enough for studying in 1st year.

      Also, don't just learn everything. Make sure you understand everything and if you don't, ask your teacher. I'm sure he/she will be happy to help.

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      i'm in first year too. my teacher gave us everything that will be in the english exam.

      1.reading comprehension: use PQE (20 marks)

      2.punctuations: nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives etc. (40 marks)

      3.unseen poem: basically a poem (20 marks)

      4. short letter (10 marks)

      5. story of me (10 marks)

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