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    How to get A's oleg kuvsincikov

    Does any one have tips how to get A's in different subjects.My subjects are bussiness, art, spanish, geography history, science,CSPE,maths, english, irish.All higher eccept for irish. If you can hepl with any please reply. thanks.

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      For the cspe exam the only bit you can prepare for is the short question section. They are usually quite predictable so just look at the last questions and make sure you know all the main ministers etc. The action project report is really important so put as much effort as you can into that.

      For science I concentrated on the definitions at the back of the book there are loads of them but pretty much explain the entire course. Then i went through all the experiments and watch demos online. So for the exam I understood everything.

      Maths you just need to go through past papers over and over. I got a high B in maths 4 the mocks and I found all the past questions really difficult. Now I've been going through them and they keep getting easier so I am really hoping for an A.

      Spanish- learn off the basic phrases that come up regularly by looking at past papers. I think the aural is where people could get caught because the standard varies. Some could be easy and others are really difficult so do as many as possible and try to write down any new words or words that come up a lot.

      I use record cards for history paragraph questions and people in history questions I write down 7 points for paragraph questions and 11 for people in history. Then i read over them a few time, put it away and try to say them all.

      I use a similar technique for geography whereby I write out 10 points and recite them for possible long questions. I read through a revision book for short questions.

      For english I read a lot and keep a notebook beside me to write down some good quotes. I turn all my poems into songs to memorize them.

      I do higher irish so not exactly sure what is in the ordinary level exam. I speak it at dinner once a week.

      I dont do business and art is pretty much done now so just practice whatever the object is and drawing a person as much as you can.

      Good luck

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      oleg kuvsincikov

      Thanks.As i can see you like studying by writing down.I think i have the same way of study I just didn't do as much work.Thanks for setting me the standard.I hope to get couple of A's in the JC too. Good Luck with your junior and thanks again.

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      good luck !!!

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      How about studying

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      oleg kuvsincikov

      very funny but i am asking for WAYS to study.

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      How about reading a book


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      Kiernan has covered everything =D

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